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UCRC is one of the partners of the project “Free your mind: Youth Activism in Southern Europe in Times of Dictatorship” (FYM).
Head of the UoC Project Team is Maria Kousis, Professor of Sociology and Director of UCRC (until 30-11-2021).
Members of the Project Team are:
– Nikos Papadakis (Professor of the Department of Political Science, Deputy Director of UCRC)
– Nikos Serdedakis (UCRC, Member of the Social Analysis and Applied Social Research Laboratory)
– Eleni Katsarou, Head of the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies, Member of the Teaching Practicum and Educational Research Laboratory
– Panagiota Vlachaki (UCRC, Member of Research Support Unit)
– Ioanna Kaiserli (UCRC, Member of Research Support Unit)
– Dimitris Sakellaridis (UCRC, member of IT support)
Project duration: from 22-2-2021 to 21-8-2022


Research Support Unit: tel. 28310-77102, email: research-support@keme.uoc.gr
Address: Gallos Campus, Rethymno, Post Code 74100
Project Scientific Lead: Prof. Maria Kousis email: kousism AT uoc.gr