This website aims to provide information on the activities carried out by the University of Crete Research Center for the Humanities, the Social and Education Sciences (UCRC) as Partner, in the project “Free your mind: Youth Activism in Southern Europe in Times of Dictatorship” (FYM). Funded by the European Commission’s EUROPE FOR CITIZENS programme (Strand 1: EUROPEAN REMEMBRANCE), the project is coordinated by Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Its partners are: Associação Cultural Ephemera, UCRC, Complutense University of Madrid, and Society of Cretan Historical Studies / Historical Museum of Crete (Project Number: 617561-CITIZ-1-2020-1-PT-CITIZ-REMEM, Grant Decision: Nr.617561)

UCRC’s main activity is the organization of an interdisciplinary academic conference with scientific experts on youth activism against dictatorship in Greece (1967-74) and beyond, for university students, researchers, academics and the general public.

Ιn cooperation with the Society of Cretan Historical Studies, UCRC participates in the organization of a public event for secondary students, teachers and the general public on youth resistance activism against dictatorship.